How We Verify Hotels Are Guest Friendly

Nothing is more annoying than meeting someone new and taking them back to your hotel, only to be told that you either can’t let them in or have to pay an extra joiner fee.

Many of us have been in this situation before, which is why we verify all of the hotels listed on this site to confirm they’re guest friendly.

Our site owner has visited all of the hotels listed on this site and spoken with the staff to check that they’re guest friendly. We also call all hotels every six months to double check that they still accept guests and don’t charge any joiner fees.

If you choose a hotel from our list, you can rest assured that it’s been verified both in person and by phone to check that there’s no hidden joiner fee for you to worry about.

Our hotel list was last updated in January 2018. All hotels have been checked and verified during this month to make sure there’s nothing for you to worry about.

With this in mind, enjoy your trip to Pattaya!